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Is this what you think of when you think of ice fishing? I'm certain you do not. But this is what business is like today -- more competition than seems necessary. And just like those fish, faced with more choices than they know what to do with, your customers are the same. With so many choices, how do they decide? And (unlike those fish) whose business will they return to?

Service, on its own, seldom engenders loyalty – quality and value must also be right. But by itself, improper service can quickly and permanently undercut all other positive benefits your company represents. 

Between the price pressures of competition, and commitment-challenged customers, business is tough.

the PITCH.

To overcome those challenges businesses often turn to clever marketing campaigns or customer loyalty programs to create distinction and drive retention. And yet, customer churn continues. So, the question is, what defines “improper customer service”? Is it a rude service rep, an incomplete answer, or is it something more nuanced than that?  

Correct, it is something more nuanced, more pervasive. In order to earn and keep customers, and then maximize their value to you, you must first maximize your value to them. And that begins with knowing what they value. The good news is, there’s really no mystery as to how to do that.


The Maximizing Customer Value Process™ (MCV) is a guided session that helps you work through critical areas of customer impact.  Its purpose is to create distinction from your competition with the aim of ensuring your customers have reason to keep coming back.

MCV is designed to help you get the knowledge you need to create customer loyalty, including:

  • your critical customer profiles
  • what it is that they value
  • how you can deliver that value
  • how to get your employees on board

MCV is intended for small companies who don't have the time, staff or background to dig into these issues. If you're going to work everyday, just trying to keep customers happy and pay the bills, MCV can make a positive difference. Contact me to learn more. Talking is free.

When your business becomes commoditized you will only be as successful as your dumbest competitor.  

Management Guru, Peter Drucker